Kate Highsmith, is the daughter of well-known artist Kyle Highsmith. Her vibrant work will be featured on the walls of the Mattie King Davis Art Gallery through the months of February and March.

Kate Highsmith

Kate says her style is heavily influenced by her father’s work as well as the greats of Impressionism. “I’ve always loved bright colors – wearing them, taking them in, seeing how they can be woven together to create a certain aesthetic,” Highsmith said. “I’m not sure that I developed my style so much as I let it develop on it’s on.”

“I grew up in a house where painting was strongly encouraged,” she said. “Some of my fondest memories as a child are making paper sculptures on the floor of my dad’s studio. And, of course, he has been my biggest inspiration. So inspiration was everywhere – it was impossible not to be inspired.”

View from the Beaufort Inn

While Kate will be the heart of this show, her father, Kyle Highsmith, will be including some of his original pieces that will be for sale. Many of Kate’s pieces will mirror her personality. They will be vibrant, colorful, and full of life with a focus on local scenes and experiences abroad.

She says her favorite piece she has created thus far is titled, “Lisa Hikes to the Nude Beach”, which will be a part of her show. “It was the last painting I started in Greece, the subject was my favorite of the trip – this red sand beach with rolling yellow hills spotted with olive trees, all bowing to that ultramarine Aegean Sea,” she said.

Early Sunflowers

Her advice for other budding artists? She says when creating art, let it be a mindful practice in letting go of how you think things should be. “Perfectionism is the death of creativity… allow it to come out… give yourself permission to have fun, play, and explore. Don’t take yourself too seriously!”