The Jury Check List

(There are no jury fees)

Check list before you begin Application:

  1. Must be a Member of the Beaufort Historical Association at Contributor level ($35) or higher. Click here to join now. 
  2. All artwork must be original.
    • No reproductions.
    • No prints including limited-edition prints.
    • No canvas wrapped prints or giclées.
    • No craft kit items (only original fine crafts)
  3. All art work must adhere to these display standards:
    1. “Wrapped” gallery Painting Edges
      • Canvas edges must be greater than 1″ deep. If 7/8″ or smaller, painting must be framed
      • Canvas edges deeper than 7/8″ must be painted with either solid color or as an extension of the painting
    2. Framed work
      • Frames and glass must be clean and sturdy
      • Proper wiring is essential – use metal or plastic-coated metal wire, no monofilament.
      • No sawtooth hangers
    3. Matted work must be covered with shrink wrap or acetate sleeves
    4. Notecards
      • Singles – must be in fitted sleeves – not in sandwich bags.
      • Multiple pack – must be in clear boxes or fitted sleeves – no sandwich bags.
    5. Three-Dimensional work is limited by space available, and sometimes may be placed in storage until needed. The number of three-dimensional pieces allowed in the gallery per artist will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the Art Gallery Committee.

No walk-in Jury submissions are allowed. Jury submissions must be delivered to Mattie King Davis Art Gallery at least the day prior to the quarterly jury meetings which shall be on the third Monday of the following months:  January, April, July, and October.
Provide a selection of three to five works that demonstrate the variety and quality of your work.
Art will be judged on the artist’s body of work. You will be notified after jurying about acceptance.