The weavers in residence at the Beaufort Historical Association (BHA), known as the Warped Weavers,
were established 1982 by Mary Dudley Price of Gloucester, North Carolina. The intent of the group is
to perpetuate the art of hand weaving, especially on the old barn looms donated to BHA. The all
volunteer group explores many aspects of hand weaving and new members “learn by doing”. Activities
of the group include teaching weaving, demonstrating weaving to BHA visitors and school groups as
well as serving as a resource on the care and re-construction of looms. In addition
to weaving, some of the Warped Weavers are hand spinners and share their talents with anyone wanting
to learn to spin.

The Warped Weavers meet Monday and Wednesday mornings from 9 a.m. to noon to weave on over 200 year old looms. You can find their items for sale in the Old Beaufort Shop. They also take special requests for items, call 252-728-5225 if interested.

Come visit The Warped Weavers to learn more about what they do and join in the fun of weaving!