Founded in 1960 by a group of Carteret County citizens without the aid of grants and public funds, the Beaufort Historical Association is a private, non-profit, membership & volunteer based organization which owns and operates the Beaufort Historic Site. Situated in the heart of the town’s historic district, the two-acre Beaufort Historic Site encompasses six authentically restored buildings, including the Mattie King Davis Art Gallery, as well as the Old Burying Grounds. The Beaufort Historic Site serves as a testament to the Beaufort Historical Association’s dedication to the continued research and documentation of the peoples, customs, lifestyles, and artifacts of Beaufort’s past, and it’s efforts to preserve the town’s historic identity in the future.

Mission Statement




2017 Board of Governors

Ed Robbins, President
Doug Brady, Vice President
Joyce McCune, Secretary
Bill Kaeser, Tresurer
John Duncan, Assistant Treasurer

Members at Large

Cynthia Barnes
Eric Bigham
Gail Bishop
Linda Blackley
Dan Boney
Doug Brady
Patrice Cader
Pam Cooper
John Duncan
Don Fader
Lee Hamrick
Eva Higgins
Donna Ivey
Kevin McHugh
Laura Mosier
Greg Patterson
Dale Pully
Jerri Sutton
Tanis Wilder
Keith Willis
Beverly Glover-Wood