The Mattie King Davis Art Gallery is excited to welcome artist Kevin Fetzer in April 2024. A free show will be held at the gallery on Saturday, April 6 from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. Fetzer will be the featured artist for the months of April and May.

Though Kevin Fetzer has always loved creating, he didn’t start painting until his late 40’s. He realized his creativity through making murals for his daughters on their walls, building wood furniture, and making driftwood sculptures and boats. He began painting on canvas as a new outlet for creativity when his daughters were out of need for murals.

He began his painting journey with watercolors, but preferred painting dark to light so he transferred to primarily painting with acrylic. Throughout the years, he’s taught himself techniques that work for his painting style as well as watching many hours of “how-to” painting websites to continue improving his skills. Since beginning painting, he’s been fortunate to have been accepted into several galleries and has developed a good local following. “Meeting someone new who tells me that they have one of my paintings in their home is amazing.” He continues to say that just being able to create paintings that people desire enough to put up on the walls of the home is his favorite achievement.

Kevin paints many subjects, though he doesn’t have a favorite painting he tends to love his coastal related works the most. Kevin explained he’s always been drawn to coastal life and loves that he can add in some small way to it through his art. He also enjoys speaking with other artists and getting to know how they create their art.

After working for a pharmaceutical company for over 30 years and never finding satisfaction Kevin has found a sense of accomplishment over the past several years creating and selling his paintings. “Being an artist has been quite a rush so far and I’m looking forward to continuing the fun for many years to come.” He advises that anyone who wants to begin their artistic journey to “just start.” He encourages fellow artists to enjoy the creative process and to continue to try as you will become better and will enable yourself to explore more to find your artistic niche.