The Making of America Series: Beaufort, North Carolina by Mamré Marsh Wilson




Located at the very heart of the Crystal Coast in Carteret County, Beaufort represents the best of the old days and the old ways of historic North Carolina. Seeking a natural, deep-water harbor, settlers in the early 1700s chose the site of the former Coree Indian village named Cwarioc, or “fish town,” and upon this land, developed a home that would become rich in maritime heritage. Brimming with stories of pirates and privateers, suitors and soldiers, merchants and fishermen, this memorable village attracts thousands of tourists and newcomers each year, eager to explore its charming waterfront shops and streets lined with elegant residences. This unique volume takes readers on a remarkable journey across Beaufort’s 300-year history, bringing to life the generations of men and women who shaped the town’s personality and guaranteed its longevity through their hard work and perseverance along its coastal waters. Touching upon the major events that played a role in the town’s evolution, Beaufort, North Carolina chronicles the life of the colonists under the direction of the Lord’s Proprietors, their participation in the revolt against English rule and the following conflicts such as the War of 1812 and the Civil War, which brought the terrors of battle into their backwaters, and the commercial and technological changes of the twentieth century that fashioned the Beaufort of today.

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