LISA TUCHEK is a North Carolina native and founder of the Beaufort Holiday Art Walk. Her artwork is well-known in Beaufort as well as throughout N.C. In 2011, Tuchek started the Beaufort Holiday Art Walk which is typically held every December, and is a way for local artists to join together and display their work in various shops and dining locations throughout town.

Before Tuchek found her home in Beaufort, she spent 12 years in Nashville, Tennessee. Though she never received a formal degree in art, she spent her time in Nashville studying with various artists in order to grow her artistic abilities and excel in the artist community. For some time, she also owned her own art gallery where she taught art to budding artists. Tuchek describes her work as, “fun, colorful and a unique style” as well as demonstrating it through her use of shapes, strokes, and choice of vivid acrylic paint.

MANDY JOHNSON is no stranger to the Mattie King Davis Art Gallery. She, as well as Lisa Tuchek and Jimmy Craig Womble, have had work in the gallery. In 2012, Mandy’s show nearly sold out on the opening night. Johnson is well-known for her use of negative space, a strong sense of design and figure ground relationships.

Johnson’s love of art started from a young age. As a child she was enthralled with creating pieces featuring colorful peaches. Many also featured animals that resided on her family farm in Scotland Neck, N.C. Her passion for art continued to follow her to college at Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, Florida. After time, she took a 20 year break from creating to focus on higher education, teaching middle school art and raising her daughter. In 1998 she returned back to the easel and has been creating ever since.

JIMMY CRAIG WOMBLE will be joining his friends Tuchek and Johnson. Womble is an oil painter who resides on the beautiful Crystal Coast. Many of his pieces’ feature what he says are often overlooked by many as “without value, old and or run down.” You can find rusty cars and boats as well as abandoned farms, homes and coastal scenes as the focus of his pieces.

He says the reason for picking these subject matters is because “they tell a story of the South that I could never put into words. The rust and decay is a physical reminder of the passage of time, and speaks of those who have struggled to make a life in this part of the country.”

Jimmy Craig Womble
Mandy Johnson
Lisa Tuchek