Please read the Artist Guidelines below and then CLICK HERE to begin your application.

For many years the Mattie King Davis Art Gallery has been known for the fine quality of arts and crafts offered for sale by our participating artists.  To maintain and improve on these high standards, we have compiled the following rules and guidelines.

1. Each artist is required to be a member of the Beaufort Historical Association, our support organization, and to renew annually (Contributor level, $35).

2. New art must be juried. This includes new art forms from exhibiting artists.  A jurying is held every three months at the scheduled Committee meeting.       

3. ALL WORK MUST BE ORIGINAL.  No reproductions.  No limited-edition prints. No craft kit items are permitted.  We only accept fine crafts. 

4.  Each artist is limited to THREE framed and FIVE matted pieces.  These limits may be lowered if the pieces are very large.  Three dimensional work is limited according to space available, and some may be placed in storage until needed.

5.  All flat work must be properly framed and matted to gallery standards. * 

6.  To maintain a fresh appearance in the gallery, we ask that artists rotate their work every few months.  Items displayed for over one year must be removed, or they become property of the gallery to be used as donations for various auctions and fundraisers throughout the years.

7.  We have a hanging committee who work regularly.  Please do not hang your own work.

8.  Artists are responsible for preparing and keeping their inventory cards up-to-date with mailing address, phone number, and email address. 

9.  Commission is 35% unless the artist serves as a volunteer in the gallery. It will be reduced to 25% for those who volunteer 12 times a year.  It is the ARTIST’S RESPONSIBILITY to contact the gallery about scheduling hours to meet this requirement.

10.  Our method of calculating payment to the artist is as follows:                                      

            – (selling price X 65% or 75%) – bank charge = payment to artist

11.  The gallery committee may refuse to display work that is inappropriate for our Gallery.

12.  Although all work will be treated with great care, the Gallery and the BHA will not be responsible for theft, breakage, or damage.


We seek to offer quality products in professional displays.  To insure uniformity throughout the Gallery, we have compiled the following guidelines:

1.  The artist must assign a number to every art item entered and list each separately on the artist’s inventory card.  This includes notecards, jewelry, and ornaments.  It is impossible to keep track of sales otherwise.

2.  Frames and glass must be clean and sturdy.  For secure hanging, we require proper wiring.  No monofilament line.  No saw tooth hangers. 

3.  Matted work should be covered with shrink wrap or acetate sleeves that fit snugly. 

4.  Gallery tags should be secured to the front of all flat work.  Each tag must display an inventory number that corresponds to a number on the inventory card.  A sticker or other tag on the back of the work should also indicate artist’s name (no initials), inventory number of the item, and sales price.  It is suggested that the artist’s business card be attached to the back also.

5.  Sticker price tags should be attached to each craft item.  Each tag should have the artist’s last name (no initials), inventory number of item, and price.    Please use only small, WHITE stickers when available.

6.  Note cards displayed individually must be in appropriate sleeves, not in sandwich bags.  The sleeves should fit tightly or be adjusted to the proper size.  Sets of multiple note cards should be in boxes.  If the artist does not have a source for obtaining sleeves or clear boxes, check with the Gallery for suggestions.