Michael Nardozzi is one of the most diverse artists you’ll ever meet. Self-taught and fueled by a powerful imagination, he explores all art mediums and styles. His work is inspired by his fascination with natural light, and the dramatic mood it creates in our everday world. Recently, Michael decided to team up with his wife, Bari, to bring her creativity into the mix. Now, on any given day or night, you’ll find them passionately collaborating on their latest piece of art. Michael and Bari are both from Eastern North Carolina but reside in Maui, Hawaii. While in the islands, their art was embraced by the art community, and then the mainland, and has now been collected both nationally and internationall. Steven Tyler of Aerosmith is even a Nardozzi collector. The couple continues to live in Hawaii, but vists Carteret County every Spring and Summer enjoying time with their family and friends. You can view their work at michaelfineart.com

An art opening featuring Michael’s work will be at the Mattie King Davis Art Gallery, 130 Turner Street in Beaufort, NC on August 6 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.
Join us for food, wine and great art all the way from Hawaii!