Heather Sink is no stranger to the gallery or the Beaufort community. Her pieces have been featured in the gallery and several of our current artists have been mentored or influenced by her.

Since Sink was a girl she has enjoyed drawing, painting, and creating. Growing up she and her sisters would find fun ways to spend their long cold winters in northern England. “I have three sisters and we are all creative in our way,” she said. “We would use leftover wool, fabric, and wallpaper to make dolls, antiques, sculptures, houses, jewelry, and more.”

Sink continued to participate in art throughout her years. In grade school she painted in most of her classes, in college she took numerous art classes ranging from ceramics to printmaking, and as an adult, she taught art to school children.

While art remained a constant, Sink saw much change in other aspects of her life. She moved from northern England to Italy, and then to North Carolina. She also got married, had children, and now has grandchildren. Many of her pieces showcase different aspects of her life from family to her time spent abroad.

“Having had the opportunity to travel and observe art, architecture, and people has certainly influenced me,” she said. “Probably the one thing I do notice when traveling is the changes in light. For example, the cool light in northern England compared to the light in Beaufort or Greece. As an artist, the light in my work is a huge factor that creates a feel or mood.”

Most of the pieces she paints today are oil on canvas using her rosemary brushes, a palette knife, and fracturing tools to create texture and broken edges. All of these things have helped her create her two favorite pieces.

“The first piece is of a woman in a beautiful red dress. She is bending over to pick up part of the dress. It felt good painting it, and I sold it wet on the easel,” she said. “The other is of my granddaughter, Ellie, at her ballet rehearsal. Both works have lots of energy and are painted very loosely.”

Today Sink has an art gallery called Craving Art Studio. For the past five years, she has been hosting workshops, teaching art to all ages, and painting. She also travels abroad to teach Plein Air workshops in Italy, Mexico, and England.

“I feel very grateful to be able to do what I love. Art has brought so many interesting people into my life from Beaufort and beyond.”