Gosia Tojza

Gosia comes from a family with a long history of artists; both her great grandfather and grandfather were fine artists. Gosia’s mother paints beautiful ikons, and her brother was a very charismatic and very gifted oil painter and film maker. She discovered painting as an art form, began painting on her own, and then started working with an art teacher, Susan Hecht, for three years.

Gosia has lived and traveled to many places around the world. She lived in Poland, where she was born, Germany, and Canada, where she met her husband and then moved to North Carolina. Gosia and her husband traveled extensively so she could get a grasp on the concept of art and where it comes from. After exploring many countries, museums, local villages and castles, Gosia has found the answer to her question. She believes art comes from authenticity, a reflection of one’s feelings toward the outer world such as simple things like kind gestures or a bird flying over your head.

Art has played a huge influence in Gosia’s life, she believes art has opened up a wide world that has introduced her to some wonderful people. She also explains that art has allowed her to self-reflect and become more aware of things in the world and to be present, which is reflected in her art. Gosia states that the subject matter has no influence on her choice of medium, “I use oil paints because it gives me textures and pigments. This allows me to feel my strokes more and be more intuitive about how I paint.”

Gosia’s work with be on display in the Mattie King Davis gallery October through November 2019.