Ken Moore spent a good part of his life residing in southern New England. There he raised his children with his wife, worked in Information Systems, spent his time on the water, and discovered his passion for art.

“I was actually getting tanks filled at this diving station in Rhode Island and looked up and saw an art studio,” Ken said. “I decided to walk over and meet some people, start taking some classes, and then it all just kind of took off from there.”

Almost 25 years later and living in a new state, he is still creating art. While his work was once primarily inspired by the coast of southern New England, he now creates pieces based on his new home, the Crystal Coast of North Carolina.

“I love the way the sun plays with the [sea] grass and the water,” he said. “My style is really representational…I tend to paint what I believe is actually there…I like to paint it with feeling.”

Not only does Ken paint pieces of the Crystal Coast, but he is also heavily involved in the artistic community. He belongs to various artists groups, continues to take art classes to interact with fellow artists, and volunteers his time at the Mattie King Davis Art Gallery at the Beaufort Historic Site.

“Engaging in the art community is actually one of the reasons I joined this gallery. I get to work here…surrounded by art and meet fellow artists,” he said. “Every time I am here I like to walk around and look at the paintings, and then I will email one of the artists about how much I really like their piece.”

When Ken is in the gallery he also likes to bring his work with him. You can find him inside or on the front porch of the gallery painting on one of his new pieces. He loves when fellow artists and guests come in and interact with him about his piece or others in the gallery. He said his favorite thing is to see the reactions from the guests when they see the art that is displayed in the Mattie King Davis Art Gallery.

“One of my favorite accomplishments is creating pieces that bring joy and excitement to people,” he said. “I was working in the gallery… and this young girl came in and was looking at all of the paintings and came up to me all joyful and exclaimed, “I just really love the artist Ken Moore!” The first thing I said was, “Did someone pay you to say this because I am Ken Moore,” and she just got kind of embarrassed and said how she loved all of my paintings. It is just great to see the excitement my work creates.”

Ken Moore will be the Mattie King Davis Featured Artist for the months of December and January. Come see his work! The gallery is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. and is located on the grounds of the Beaufort Historic Site, 130 Turner Street.

By the Docks – 12″x16″
Ruling the Roost – 11″x14″
Catching Some Air – 16″x20″