Current & Prospective Artist Agreements and Procedures

For many years the Mattie King Davis Art Gallery has been known for the fine quality of arts and crafts offered for sale by our participating artists.

Please read the following that all artists (current and prospective) must adhere to:

  1. Each Mattie King Davis Art Gallery artist must be a CURRENT member of our support organization, the Beaufort Historical Association at the Contributor Level ($35 currently) or greater.
  2. Art must be juried:
    • New artists must be juried into the gallery.
    • New art media from existing artists must also be juried. (i.e. an existing painter member submitting clay or photography, etc.)
    • The jury may refuse to accept work that is not properly framed or packaged. The Jury may also refuse to display work that is inappropriate for our Gallery.
  3. If accepted into the gallery Artists agree to the following:
    •  All work must be original.
    • Each Artist is limited to THREE framed and FIVE matted pieces or unframed boards. These limits may be lower if the pieces are over 36” on one side.
    • Artists will replace his or her unsold art every few months with new work to be sold. All new art from existing artists will be of a quality consistent with their previous juried art. If quality or consistency of art is not up to previous standards, the committee reserves the right to ask the artist to replace the work.
    • Our hanging committee will hang all accepted art. Artists will not hang their own work.
    • Items displayed for over one year must be removed, or they become property of the gallery to be used as donations for various BHA auctions and fundraisers.
    • All submitted work will be treated with great care, however the Mattie King Davis Art Gallery and BHA will not be responsible for theft, breakage or other damage

Current and New Juried Artist Procedures – Bringing In and Removing Work

Artists must ensure their art is correctly inventoried and labeled by completing or updating items below:

  1. Artist Inventory Cards* – Artists are responsible for preparing and keeping up to date Inventory cards with mailing address, phone number and email address. It is impossible to keep track of sales if Artists’ Inventory Cards are not filled out correctly.
    • Name and phone #, email address, mailing address. (SS# not necessary)
    • Date IN
    • Inventory # (artist assigns) for each item including all jewelry, ornaments and notecards. For notecards: please list all single cards and multiple card packs separately. If multiple cards or packs have the same image(s) you can use one inventory # for that card image but add letters a, b, c etc. pm your Inventory Card for each card. Add a sticker with that inventory # on each card.
    • Title of work
    • Size &Media
    • Price
  2. Date Sold or withdrawn. When removing Art use a blue or black pen, line through the item(s) to be removed, enter the date, and write sign your name in the Withdrawn By column. Do not use red ink when withdrawing work!  Red Ink is only used for work SOLD.
  3. Mattie King Davis Gallery Tag (available the gallery) for each piece of art to be displayed. Include matching inventory #, Title, Size, Media, your name, and price from your Artist Inventory Card. Secure the Gallery Tag to the front of all matted work and notecards. For framed art, leave the tag with the painting so as not to damage the frame. DO NOT TAPE TO FRAME OR PAINTING.
  4. Notecards, card packs need to have their inventory # (from Artist Card) attached with a small white tag.
  5. Artists are asked to provide business cards, a resume and other information for the Mattie King Davis Art Gallery Website

*Note: If a volunteer is not present when you bring in or take out your art, please leave your Artist Inventory Card on the desk with a note that says either “New Work” or “Work removed”. The next volunteer worker will fill out the required forms that help our PR person know inventory changes. Do not hang your art.

Leave your appropriately inventoried and tagged art leaning on the floor leaning against the wall in the main room. The hanging committee will hang your work.

Our Gallery is run totally by volunteers. We encourage ALL Artists to volunteer to help keep the gallery open six days a week throughout the year. Shifts are 10am-1pm or 1pm to 4pm. Training is provided.

Commission. MKD Galley Artists receive a discounted commission (25% vs. 35%) if they volunteer and work 12 shifts per year. It is each artist’s responsibility to contact the gallery to schedule shifts to meet this requirement.

Commission calculation method: (Selling price x 65% or 75% = payment to the artist.)