Beaufort Pirate Invasion, A Real Blast!

Beaufort Pirate Invasion

August 12 &13, 2016

The Beaufort Historic Site buzzed this past weekend with pirates, parrots and plunderers!

The heart of the Beaufort Pirate Invasion, the pirate encampment was held again this year on the grounds of the Beaufort Historic Site. Pirates and their crew camped out all weekend, selling children, amputating legs and more as visitors from far and wide showed up to participate in the pirate fun.

Live music, story telling and tours of the courthouse and jail kept the site full of visitors. Books, flags, costumes and more filled the gift shop as locals and guests alike shopped for the perfect piece to their get up.

The Pirate Invasion is a great event for the town of Beaufort, drawing a large crowd for the entire weekend and telling the history of the town in a fun and exciting environment. First time visitors were amazed at the event and commented on how intriguing it was.

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Children experience pirate punishment in the pillory.

Pirate and Parrot

A parrot is a pirates best friend!

Watching the amputation

A crowd gathered around to witness a leg amputation demonstration

Bus Tour

The Double Decker Bus was full of many Most Wanted pirates during its tours!