BHA recognized in NC Green Travel Program

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The Beaufort Historic Site received recognition this week in the NC Green Travel program! This program honors businesses that have met or exceeded the standard for recognition in the NC GreenTravel Initiative as a green attraction business. Through our site, tours and many events we are helping to assure that North Carolina’s travel and tourism industry will remain sustainable and profitable and that the state’s environment and economy will remain healthy for many years to come.

The Beaufort Historical Association seeks to promote environmental stewardship by minimizing our
organizations impact and maximizing future generation’s ability to thrive in our shared environment.

North Carolina’s green travel recognition program is the most extensive in the nation, encompassing lodging, food service, attractions, museums, parks, vacation rentals, convention centers, festivals and other travel-oriented businesses. The actions encouraged by NC GreenTravel help businesses reduce operation costs, increase profits and extend their brand to a growing consumer market making travel decisions based upon the green practices of those from whom they purchase. The NC GreenTravel Initiative is a free program to help promote robust economic growth and environmental stewardship in the travel and hospitality sector through the recognition of “green” travel-oriented businesses. (Taken from the NC Green Travel Website)