Living History Demo: Sea Salt

2016 Living History Series

The living history series continues with Caryn Wooldridge and her presentation on harvesting Sea Salt on Saturday, July 23 from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm at the Beaufort Historic Site at 130 Turner Street.

Bogue Banks Sea Salt is hand harvested from Bogue Inlet in small batches using 5 gallon buckets. The seawater is filtered, evaporated and sustainably processed in a small greenhouse. What is so unique about artisanal American sea salt is that each producer has a slightly different process of extracting the salt from the seawater, and each ecosystem is going to affect the flavor of the salt. Maine Sea Salt is going to taste different than Bogue Banks Sea Salt or Florida Keys Sea Salt. It’s similar to the way wines taste from different regions around the world.  “Merroir” is a term used to describe the salt’s flavor as a reflection of the environment where it was harvested. Bogue Banks Sea Salt is truly the flavor of the North Carolina waters. Bogue Banks Sea Salt is a 100% unrefined, local sea salt rich in minerals and free of anti-caking agents and man-made additives.

All are invited to observe Ms. Wooldridge’s demonstration of harvesting sea salt.  For information on this and other Living History Programs, stop by the Beaufort Historic Site’s Welcome Center at 130 Turner Street or call 252-728-5225.BogueBanksSeaSalt