Herb Demonstration

As part of the Beaufort Historical Association’s Living History series, Susan Hogan will conduct an herb demonstration Saturday, August 29th from 1:00 – 3:00 pm in the Beaufort Site’s Welcome Center at 130 Turner Street.


Photo from Ms. Hogan’s site, visit it here.

Historically, herbs have had a wide variety of uses in our culture; from making tea to curing the common cold, herbs and other natural plant life have been successful for use in healing and prevention.  Common household needs have also been met through the use of plants and trees such as sealing thousands of boats to prevent leaking through the tapping of a long leaf pine. These evergreen trees offer many benefits to everyday needs that eliminate the use of harsh chemicals.  Master Herbalist, Susan Hogan will be presenting information on old remedies that were relied upon historically by the locals who lived in our area, the value and practical uses of indigenous botanicals and information concerning how to distill plant matter to obtain hydrofoils and essential oils, as well as their uses.

All are invited to observe Ms. Hogan’s demonstration of the various uses of herbs and learn from her extensive research. There will be a 15 minute question and answer period after the demonstration. For information on this and other Living History Programs, stop by the Beaufort Historic Site’s Welcome Center at 130 Turner Street, call 252-728-5225 or 800-575-7483, or visit www.beauforthistoricsite.org.