Fall Party Homes

Bask in Ambiance at the Fall Party

Each year, the Beaufort Historical Association (BHA) hosts the Fall Party at a home in Beaufort. Whether the house is historic or more contemporary in nature, the setting creates a perfect place for an event to transition from the hectic, humid summers to the calmer, crisp atmosphere of autumn. This year our hosts, Bob & Donna Ivey and Bill & Dale Pully, are excited to celebrate the art of Jim Carson while members, friends, and neighbors gather against the backdrop of their elegant homes. In speaking with Mrs. Ivey and Mrs. Pully, it is obvious why they call these specific properties their home; it is simply the view. Both homes overlook Taylor’s Creek with the stunningly untouched nature of Carrot Island resting in the background. As the waters move swiftly by, the eye is caught by another majestic scene off in the distance: Cape Lookout Lighthouse. The Diamond Lady is perched just beyond the sound and the light shines across their lots every few seconds, transporting on-lookers to a simpler time and place. The houses themselves, surrounded by live oaks, are situated side-by-side with adjoining backyards. The Pully residence was originally erected on Cedar Island. Aunt Sophie, the owner at the time, had the house moved by barge to its current location in the 1950’s. After becoming the fourth owners of the house in 2011, they added a spacious and inviting den to the structure opening out to a porch with views of the ponies on Carrot Island. The Ivey’s purchased their property in 2005, and completely remodeled the house and added an addition in 2007. Wanting to keep the natural landscape, the Ivey’s designed the garage and summer kitchen to fit harmoniously among the beautiful live oaks. The BHA is so thankful to have such a wonderful venue for the 2014 Fall Party. To purchase tickets for the Fall Party, call 252.728.5225 or stop by the BHA Visitors Center!