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Fall Art Sale

October 10, 2020 @ 9:00 PM

Beaufort Historical Association Honors Fall Party with Art Auction


For the past 28 years, the Fall Party has taken place every year as a way to raise funds for the Beaufort Historical Association. While it is about raising these crucial funds, it is also about joining together as friends to celebrate the Association, season, and one another.


This year’s Fall Party will be unlike any other as it will be a Fall Art Auction. It will be a celebration of the history of the party and the artists who have been featured. The Association is excited to welcome back past Fall Party artists for this special event. While unable to join in person, this virtual aspect will allow all to learn about the history of the Fall Party, Association, and have the chance to purchase beautiful artwork from past artists.


The art will be gradually added and is available for bidding at bidpal.net/2020fallartsale. The auction will end October 10 at 9 p.m. As the event nears, the association will share further information about the auction on their socials, website, and bidpal.net/2020fallartsale. The proceeds will go towards the restorations efforts of the Beaufort Historic Site Old Jail c.1829.


The Association will be featuring work from the following Fall Party artists: Dee Knott (1992), Charles Sharpe (1995), Coleman Dance (2000), Judy Crane (2004), Dan Nelson (2010), Bob Rankin (2011), Trisha Adams (2013), Jim Carson (2014), Susan Hecht (2015), Fen Rascoe (2016), Jaquelin Perry (2018), Gosia Tojza (2019).


Since 1992 the party has been held at a private Beaufort home, and each year the walls of that home have been filled with the breathtaking art of a local artist, like the ones mentioned above. The first party took place at the historic Sloo House c. 1768. The owners Mr. and Mrs. R. Hunter Chadwick, Jr. were the first to open their doors for the party.


“We were flattered to be asked,” Brenda Chadwick said. “Everyone was helpful in the planning process. It was such a pleasant experience. People were happy and excited for it to be at a different venue.”


The watercolors of national award-winning artist Dee Knott were showcased and for sale that year. Her pieces were a compilation of still lifes, boats, landscapes, and portraits.

Before Knott’s paintings adorned the walls of Chadwick’s home, the two women had already been acquainted.


“I had a gift shop called Chadwick House and it was right beside Royal James in Beaufort,” Chadwick said. Just directly across the way was the studio of Dee Knott, right beside the Beaufort Historic Site Welcome Center.


“She kept coming in and buying artificial pansies all the time, and finally I asked “Dee, what are you doing with all these pansies?!” and she said “Well I am painting them!” and all of her paintings were just fabulous. The art is the most important part of the party I think and marvelous job has been done bringing in the artist each year.”


The event was a momentous success for the Association. It attracted an estimated 175 people and netted $9,500. It took the help of the staff, many volunteers, and sponsors such as Richard and Lucia Stanley to begin this annual special event. “The party has really grown in success over the years from, while the location changes the art always remains consistently beautiful and different,” Lucia Stanley said.


“We are missing so much this year, be we cannot let October go by without recognizing Brenda Chadwick who had the idea for the first Fall Party, and the homeowners and artists who kept it amazing through the years,” Patricia Suggs, Executive Director of the Beaufort Historical Association said.


For more information about the Fall Art Auction call 252-728-5225. To learn more about the artists and to start bidding on the art, visit bidpal.net/2020fallpartyartsale. The auction will close Saturday, October 10 at 9 p.m.